Clinical Platform Development

Clinical platforms are the basis for how we care for patients.  If these are not managed correctly, patient care suffers. Based on a flight platform of success, clinical platforms are not achieved with protocols alone.  Integrated healthcare teams are needed for all phases of care.  (ED/Floor/ICU/SD/PCU/OR/PACU/ETC.) Our focus includes:

  • Develop profitable clinical departments (ICU, Anesthesia, Hospitalist)
  • Staffing models for physicians, Physician Assistants, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)
  • Human resources development for healthcare providers
  • Physician/Clinician engagement
  • Physician/ Clinician compensation platform development
  • Value-based compensation
  • Developing Physician Leaders
  • Engagement and alignment of physician/providers with healthcare institutions
  • Clinical program cost analysis